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  • To prepare cost estimates for emergency, reconstruction, restoration, construction and environmental, etc. services and to ensure cost-effective measures are followed. 
  • To follow up and secure projects, and once secured, to be responsible for the entire communication chain.  To ensure that on-site content management is carried out as per protocol.
To be responsible for the entire communication chain.
  • To update project notes for DASH and XactAnalysis daily.
  • To attend projects with customers/clients begin the above-mentioned process.
  • To prepare prelims (scopes, equipment, material, manpower for emergency services) to begin project.
  • To work with Insurance companies to ensure proper information is attained and customer information is documented through Contractor Connection instructions on XactAnalysis and/or Conversense; followed up by internal reporting in Client Runner.
  • To document proper procedures as listed in Winmar protocols to ensure job costing is tracked accurately.
  • To follow up with customers in a timely manner as per WINMAR®’s policies and procedures.
  • To communicate with customers at a 3-day minimum based on the business calendar to provide status updates of their project.
  • On all projects (EMR & REB), to manage Trades according to the task which they are appointed.
  • To organize Purchase Orders and procure equipment.
  • To organize projects according to priority.
  • At all times obtain several quotes for best practices.
  • To meet weekly for Communication, Accountability, Planning, and Execution (CAPE) reports.
  • To maintain milestones in XactAnalysis weekly.
  • To ensure Trades, Suppliers, and Vendors follow the terms of conditions set up by their agreement with Winmar.
  • To collect Deductibles and have a new Job Authorization (JA) form signed specifically for repairs.
  • To complete Gantt charts for projects with more than 2 trades and follow timelines as set out in the Gantt Charts.
  • To communicate with customer/client about project progression.
  • If a site inspection has been discussed/arranged with an adjuster, all parties are informed via XactAnalysis, Conversense, and DASH.
  • To ensure Health & Safety protocols are followed by all individuals.
  • To document Cause of Loss (COL) accurately and appropriately (photos and written documentation).
  • To obtain a Job Authorization (JA) before starting any work.
  • For emergency/water assignments, ensure protocols are being followed (if required).
  • To ensure the safety, cleanliness, and quality of workmanship at each site during inspections.
  • To review the accuracy of all trade invoices and rectify any discrepancies.
  • To follow invoicing procedures as laid out in the Billing Control Form (BCF).
  • To obtain Job Completion Form (JC) with a high service recommendation.
  • To ensure the Contents Crew/Crew is following WINMAR® protocol.
  • Any additional tasks as assigned with respect to Estimation and management of projects.