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Painted Lemur Studios- The parent company of several speciality lines of business.

Social Sales & Marketing:

Content creation, social engagement, web presence management, or advisory services — whether your organization needs a marketing facelift or a complete transformation, Painted Lemur Studios has the skills, vision, and experience to help you reach your goals. Globally, we have helped both B2B and B2C clients increase awareness, find more customers, and generate more revenue. Find out more at

Social Network:
eSports Revolution is a social network for gamers of every level of skill and dedication. We lay the groundwork for positive social interactions between gamers, helping them recapture what they love about gaming.

For gamers: We are in open beta right now at - join in and help us make this THE go-to destiantion for all things video games and eSports!

For advertisers and sponsors: Reaching the Millenial to GenZ demographics can be challenging. Whether you are an endemic or non-endemic brand, advertise / sponsor on a platform that allows you to reach a 100% eSports/gamer demographic 100% of the time. Head over to to learn more!


Social Sales and Marketing
Helping Sales & Marketing speak the same language
Painted Lemur Studios can help you with any part of your marketing
We can help you with all or just one- you pick the level of support
eSports Revolution a Social Network in open beta
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