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In my 30+ years as a bookkeeper, I’ve seen so many business owners go into debt to try and make ends meet, few of them pay themselves.

Not only do I make sure there is always money to meet the financial obligations, I also help ensure business owners are getting paid!

We start by doing an instant assessment of where the cash is going in the business. Most of our clients are surprised when we find that there are funds that can be used to pay down debt, without missing anything!

We set a specific step by step plan of how we are going to eradicate the debt and create debt freedom.

We set up a cash management system so that we are consistently allocating the monies so the debts are always paid, the staff is always paid, the owner is always paid; tax obligations are always paid and the bills are always paid. And usually, there is some money left over.

If you’d like to know more about how we do this, feel free to contact us.


Certified Profit First Professional
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