Grapevine Club is offering 50% Off to DBOT Members

Offer Valid: 02/07/2020 - 02/06/2021
Gain more local customers and retain existing ones


Contact Victor Ientilucci, 416-779-6969, [email protected]

Post your offer on our app! 

Grapevine Club is a better way to promote offers and experiences to local customers. We

make it easier for you to attract and retain customers through our local marketing program.

We built an Offers Platform for local businesses of Dufferin County.  Although we are similar to Groupon,  We do not take a commission from any sales.

You keep 100% of the revenue.  

Local consumers opt in to experience exciting offers in their local community. It is highly targeted traffic.

Increase your revenue, attract more customers and keep the ones you have using our Mobile Marketing Platform.

Regular price is $200 per month.  DBOT members only pay $100 per month and your price will NEVER go up.

1) Use Grapevine.Club's platform to create exciting offers and experiences to drive more traffic to your business.

2) Update your offers in real time and blast out your offer through the Grapevine network. This helps retain existing customers as well as attracting new ones to help boost sales.

3) You keep 100% of the revenue. We do not take a commission of sales,  we only charge you a small monthly fee to access our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this service right for me?

Today's modern consumer are ever connected on their mobile devices, as well as the number of users who take advantage of online deals has exploded. There has never been a time as ripe as now to start your mobile marketing efforts as a channel to increase your sales. supports almost every type of retail industry.

What happens after I sign up?

You will be contacted by our Partner Relations department who will hold your hand in setting up your profile and offers. You will recieve a walkthrough of the system which only takes a few minutes. We provide personalized training and support for all of our partners.

What is an offer platform?

We have developed a world class website and mobile application where end users have opted in to recieve new offers and experiences from businesses just like yours. We connect local users to local businesses in their area who are offering exicting deals and experiences.

Do I need technical experience?

Absolutely not. Our Partner Relations team will be there every step of the way to assist you in getting the most from our platform and service. We have training manuals - however, our system is so easy to use and intuitive that anyone can click on "Add Deal" and answer a few questions on the screen.

Contact Victor Ientilucci, 416-779-6969, [email protected]

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