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About Us

GetintheLoop enables businesses to attract and retain the right customers with our free mobile app that delivers real-time offers from cool local companies.
Is your phone within reach? We already know the answer, yes! The average person touches their phone more than 2,500 times each day. We wanted to build a tool that would allow local businesses to easily market to local residents in real time, directly to their mobile phones. Thus, GetintheLoop was created.
With franchise owners managing GetintheLoop in their communities across Canada, we’re committed to supporting local economies by promoting local businesses through our mobile marketing platform.
GetintheLoop is the flagship product in our consumer division of Loop Media Group. Since its beginning in 2014, GetintheLoop has grown into the top-rated iOS and Android application of its kind in Canada, used by hundreds of top national and local brands. GetintheLoop is an intelligent mobile marketing platform that connects businesses with local consumers. Our online offers platform allows businesses to deliver real time experience and exclusive offers directly to the mobile phones of engaged consumers: enabling them to attract new customers, develop meaningful relationships and obtain immediate in-depth data on their behaviour.
The GetintheLoop network reaches millions of Canadians every month and connects tens of thousands of members with exclusive offers across Canada.