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My job is not to fix your broken heart, but to teach you how to live with it.
I will help you develop tools to learn to manage the changes in your life resulting from death and loss. By helping develop coping tools that will allow you to remain connected to the person who has died, you can embark on a “new normal” life. Using psychotherapy (“talk therapy”) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to connect feelings, thoughts and actions, you can learn coping skills that will provide you with the tools to move in a forward manner.

What you can expect from working with me to deal with your grief:

A confidential, safe, and emotionally comfortable space that will allow you to speak honestly and from your heart;
A specialized grief counsellor trained to listen in a in a non-judgmental way;
The development of an action plan that will allow you to move forward honouring your loved one;
To learn effective coping tools that will allow you to deal with difficult days, events and occasions.
Dealing with death, loss and life changes can be challenging, painful and difficult.

My client centered practice means we work together to journey with your grief.


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