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Millennium 1 Solutions is an award-winning outsourced solutions provider originating in Orangeville. We employ over 2000 “Customer Heroes” based in 7 facilities, delivering critical business services and solutions to our clients. In 2019, the Millennium team proudly celebrated our 42th anniversary.

We are proud to have a positive employee culture where “thinking local” and supporting our communities is embraced by all and is a part of our values. One of our corporate guiding principles is our “Communities are our People”; we believe that we have a duty to enrich and empower our people and our communities. Each year M1S raises thousands of dollars for local charities through a variety of employee and corporate led events.

M1S is also proud to lead the way in our industry, acknowledged by multiple awards and a growth rate that surpasses our competitors. The corporate organization strategy involves being a technology led customer management partner; priding ourselves on knowing when to use technology and when not to in order to provide the right experience for people. Technology is used to augment our people’s skills to transform the work that they do. M1S has a reputation as a trusted partner to clients, with innovative solutions and a customer-focus that has brings new business and jobs to the Orangeville area every year. Our Orangeville region has some of our company’s longest tenured employees and client relationships.

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  • Flexible sourcing options, across the globe.
  • Multi-industry expertise and support.
  • Leading technology solutions.
  • Highly experienced customer management teams.